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Jeanne Long  New Mexico usa

HeartMath® Certified Coach

Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor

American bone health peer educator


As a pioneer in the fitness and wellness industry with over 35 years of experience teaching, owning several Movement Arts studios and offering one on one personal training, Pilates and Yoga, working closely with herbalists  and offering natural services such as reiki and guided imagery and much more... I look back and don't remember a time where I wasn't teaching.

I feel I can bring you a multitude of tidbits and goodies that I have learned in my long career. I was a dancer and athlete from a very young age. I was always doing cartwheels, gymnastics, running races and putting music to movement and dance. I have come to realize that I can think a lot better while I am moving. Some of my best answers to burning questions and other ideas happen when I am simply walking.

My first piece of choreography was at age 13. The floor routine was to the song...House of the Rising Sun. I literally fell in love! I continued taking Jazz, Ballet and African Dance at the Dance Spectrum a small studio in Milwaukee with great teachers from Gus Giordano Jazz in Chicago and Michael Anderson, African Dance teacher and dance partner of my mentor Deanna. He once told me that I have “workers feet” I still don’t know what he meant. Deanna Anderson who won several choreography showcases dancing with Michael and they are amazing to watch. I was grateful to have had her as my teacher of multicultural Dance for so many years. I taught at her Stretch studio in Milwaukee WI.

For the past 15 years, Deanna has been teaching at Stanford University and is a very talented Action Theater Actor. Deanna introduced me to Kundalini Yoga and Ravi Singh who has been a teacher of mine for several decades. He personally Certified me and a small group of friends while living in Sedona AZ. Deanna also introduced me to Sound Healing, in which I studied with Vicki Dodd (Chicago) and Nada Shakti (Czechoslovakia). This brought the love of healing sound and voice into my life.

On a practical level I was also part of the Gold Certification group of Fitness Instructors who passed the very first exam through the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA) when the very first Dance-Exercise program standards were being designed.

I was so blessed to live in a town where The Kothi Dance Company resided. Fern Caulker founder of Kothi was another one of my teachers at the University of Wisconsin where I studied Psychology and Fine Arts. I also attended her Saturday Community classes at Grand Avenue Church. I enjoyed many years of community classes every Saturday Morning in Milwaukee with several Kothi Dance Company special guest teachers. It was a very rich and enlightening cultural experience for me. I felt welcomed there and my love of movement and sound healing was taken to a new level. The African Dance , drumming and the people, the vibration of the drums within the acoustics of the church felt very spiritual. It was my Saturday ritual. If you ever get the chance please watch them in action. There is no experience like it. https://www.ko-thi.org Dancing along with them was truly one of my best memories.

Another habit I had, was stopping in at the Dharmadhatu on Downer Avenue. Many a lunch hour was spent here for just a half an hour or so doing either sitting or walking Tibetan meditation. After a long day of teaching movement and back to back classes at health clubs and studios, it was a welcomed retreat in silence and stillness. I have many stories about my experiences in Dharmadhatu in Milwaukee and in Boulder Co. These experiences shaped my life. I share the walking and sitting meditation in my classes with YOU.

I went to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and studied Mind Body Wellness and became certified in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition as well as other healing energy therapies.

I am a HeartMath Certified Coach and Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher. I have an RYT500 Yoga credential

None of these certifications mean a thing unless the practitioner is practicing and serving to help the community. I share with you my love for the healing and movement arts and I put my whole heart and soul into your session. You are the reason I am here! Allow me to assist you. I look forward to meeting you and learning about your journey. 


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