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My Vision is to live in a world where truth + transparency + cooperation + kindness leads us all to peace in the world + peace in our souls. Everyone deserves the chance to experience physical + mental + emotional health. We all matter. And when we listen to + really hear each other we begin to love + care about one another + see ourselves reflected in the eyes of another person's heartfelt experiences. Where the only medicine we really need is love + good clean food + a lifestyle where we are able to move without restraint or pain to slow us + our dreams down. Where we realize we have the innate healing abilities already within ourselves.

Where the only chronic mental or behavioral or health condition is wellness + our own inner guidance leads us to peace + ultimately heals us. Where we don't fear the sometimes rocky road + occasional "pothole" + ever-changing + ever distracting  diversions +interruptions + hindrances leading us away from our path, but we instead find the strength + courage and resilience to say; “bring it on!” one more time! "Yes I can do this!" "I will not engage with this negative thought" "I am not my thoughts. I am not my emotions" 

My mission has always been clear to me. My mission is to assist my clients + students in realizing that within each one of us exists, everything we need to feel whole in our mind, body, + soul.

We, as humans are the only living species who have the ability to self regulate. I want to help you through your anxiety, stress, PTSD, and trauma. I draw on my own similar experiences + extensive training in the field of psychology, transformational life coaching, meditation, hypnosis, stress management,  yoga movement+ corrective exercise therapies.


My mission is to help you hear the voice of your own inner guidance. I want to show you the way to lift yourself up the emotional scale from despair to hope + eventually to "knowing" that you are safe + that you matter + you are capable of great things and you have a place at the table of life and you have gifts to share with the world. Even if you are unaware of what they are :-)


My mission is to be there for you until you find within yourself, your own tranquil space.

More on Self Regulation Theory here:

As a pioneer in the fitness + wellness industry with over 36 years of experience teaching, owning several Movement Arts studios + offering one on one personal training, corrective exercise, Pilates + Yoga, working closely with herbalists  + offering natural services such as reiki + guided imagery + much more... I look back + don't remember a time where I wasn't teaching helping or guiding.. I have never grown tired or board with my mission. It is part of me. My mission is for you to find hope and that you are not alone. Give yourself a high five for reading through all of this! Thank you for your time and attention!

  I have always loved the movie  "It's a Wonderful Life". I could always relate to Clarence, Jimmy Stewart's  Guardian Angel, or Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. It has been my life's work.  Please allow me to be there for you, to be your guide. It is your journey. You have always had the power inside of you!  If you are here,  Welcome home!

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Jeanne Long  Minneapolis MN USA

HeartMath® Certified Coach

Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Transformational Life Coach

Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Certified Mind Body Wellness Practitioner

Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor

American bone health peer educator

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