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Bone Health

Core Exercise

For more information on fracture risk and public bone health  programs contact 

American Bone Health


510-832-2663 (Phone) 888-266-3015 (Toll Free)

American Bone Health offers free workshops and programs for the public and healthcare community is currently offering  online programs via Zoom  

Buff Bones® Pilates and Functional Fitness Program

Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor

American Bone Health Peer Educator

Tranquil Space Healing Arts offers classes available on Skype or Zoom or phone

Did you know?

1 out of 3 women over age 50 globally will suffer an osteoporotic fracture

1 out of 5 men  over age 50 globally will suffer an osteoporotic  fracture

There are 8.9 MILLION fractures annually ONE EVERY 3 SECONDS

Men have a 27% higher chance of fracture risk than prostate cancer

50%  of those having one osteoporotic fracture will have another one

Incidences of osteoporotic fracture in Celiac patients is 90% higher

Osteoporosis Safe Pilates + Functional Fitness+ bone building nutrition

Bone Building  Exercises  

Tips for safe movement + nutrition for bone health
10 safe easy movements for better posture everyday

Tools to get you FEELING BETTER! You can exercise! Bone Safe modifications are critical to prevent fracture

Combined training in Pilates +Yoga +Corrective Fitness with a specialty in bone safe movement 

Posture correction, help for discomfort safe movement.

You will learn a safer way to strengthen your core, balance exercises to help prevent falls which can lead to fractures and correct posture in both static and dynamic movement 


Individual BUFF BONES® exercise sessions Introductory 








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