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CORE Activation
Basics Posture Correction & CORE
 Basic beginner Pilates session +FREE posture analysis + mini program click contact tab  above 
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Life Coaching

Whole New You is a mind body makeover offering support when you wish to shift one or more aspects in your life. It is based on the idea that in order to change we must first change the way we think & feel. We teach you how to redirect your thinking to allow more happiness, & abundance into your life. We can assist you with motivation, career coaching, confidence, relationships, resistance & self sabotage. The Whole New You Program includes Life Coaching protocols which aid you in prioritizing & sorting things out, until you are crystal clear about your goals. The Whole New You program facilitates you from hope to happiness & belief. It’s a unique, contemporary behavior modification program utilizing an emotional scale, meditation, breath techniques, stress management & so much more to encourage positivity & stimulate better feeling thoughts. We aspire to keep you focused on your objective & keep you moving forward. You will have homework each week & accountability check ins. Can be done in person or via internet or phone.

Programs may include weight management , nutrition fitness session. Can be done on phone.

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You will relax back into a comfortable chair with your feet up & be guided into a meditative state while listening to your own goals being played back to you in the form of suggestions & affirmations you have created. 3- 6 sessions are recommended although results are individual & may require more or less depending on complexity of the concern. We will train you to do self hypnosis so that you can enter this relaxed state in the comfort of your home. Free MP3 or CD included. Sessions are 30- 60 minutes & can be done during business hours or easily over the lunch hour. Evening & weekend appointments are available. Ask about student rates. Sessions can be done by phone or in person.

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You can choose Yoga , Pilates mat corrective exercise. We create individualized programs based on your current and past medical history

specific alignment needs & goals. We use a combination of corrective exercise & Pilates in our  warm ups  to increase focus & flexibility, neuromuscular

control, core strength and high intensity interval training for fat burning and metabolism.We use stability balls, light weights, cable equipment and your own body weight to achieve strength & agility training.





Get up and Move Corporate Employee Wellness Program as low as $25 per person per month

Move your body gentle exercise program for those who spend way too much time at their desk! Lunch Hour classes available.


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