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Do you feel out of whack? Let's get you back on track
Manage Stress + sleep better
Find your Energy + Creativity
Create the change
HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience™ program to build nervous system resilience
Hypnosis + Yoga Nidra Therapies 


Get your energy back! Get your life back! Tranquil Space Stress + Energy Management Life Coach Hypnosis Yoga Nidra Therapy  Anxiety Pain Stress PTSD Get a  FREE Class and  consult Mind Body Wellness

Tranquil Space offers several Yoga approaches. Gentle asana, synchronistic breath and movement, and Nidra therapies.

If you need to change an unwanted habit and nothing has worked for you, and you have tried everything, I am trained to help you with stress/anxiety/weight issues/panic attacks/ fears/ phobias/smoking/unwanted habits, trauma, and energy management.

Tranquil Space Healing Arts specifically address issues with tension and stress that accumulate in the body/mind/psyche which may affect your energy level and mood and ultimately your health.

Habitual thought patterns can create habitual movement patterns in the body which not only leads to exhaustion and burnout but if left unattended, eventually health problems. Let's get to the root of why you are draining your energy.

There are plenty of ways to approach specific stressors in our lives. Especially right now. The HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience™ Program is designed to target these exact issues.


If you are having persistent negative thoughts or habits that are affecting your daily life, health, and work, and if you are really ready to change you may be interested in hypnosis. 

We will determine together which programs may be right for you. I offer a thorough intake so we are crystal clear on what it is you are really looking for and what program will best serve you at the time of your appointment.  Sometimes it's hard to sort things out when we are in a  chronic state of high anxiety, alternating with fatigue and uncertainty. You can choose to try a free mini session to see what you are most comfortable with.  I will break it all down in easy bits to understand the why and how you can change, how you can heal, and how you can help yourself! You are always in complete control! 

Your Breath...did you know your breath follows the pattern of your thinking and your emotions? Did you know this can have a detrimental effect on your health? Stop and check how you are breathing right now. Then ask yourself "what am I thinking and how am I feeling" Then take a few deep breaths and imagine in your heart a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Isn't there a time in your life where you felt totally happy or at peace or a deep feeling of fulfillment. Imagine for a moment, a person in your life whom you love, a pet or an experience of pure joy and then check your breath...has it changed?

Do you need some easy movement that will energize and refresh you and balance your mind and body? Try an Immunity Yoga class. It offers just a little movement in the beginning and a 35-minute deep physical guided body scan meditation at the end.


Do you need to retrain your mind and body and emotions, help calm frazzled nerves, learn how to erase the pain, experience a more refreshed sleep, stop draining your inner battery? Try the HeartMath  Building Resilience program or Yoga Nidra Therapy.

Start feeling better again. Sessions are usually one hour but shorter sessions are available for the busiest people.

Most sessions can be done on the phone or ZOOM.

I really listen to you!

Tranquil Space Healing Arts has your back. You will always get a little more than you asked for.

If you aren't sure where to start,  contact me for a free consultation + mini Life Coaching or Heartmath session to help pinpoint + prioritize your goals. It's a jump start to feeling better about yourself.

Change your habits your mind + body + spirit from within

tap into your own inner guidance  ...find your tranquil space.

Are you still with me? Congratulations!! One free session is yours! Just say I read the whole thing!

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