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Tranquility meets gratitude

  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
  • Zoom or by phone

Service Description

A program designed to reduce stress, increase tranquility and revive your sense of gratitude and appreciation as a way to heal the nervous system. Step One: Learn about the nervous system and how stress can affect your overall health and lifestyle. Step Two: Sorting out the overwhelm. I'll help you find and unpack your main roadblocks and triggers and figure out what feels yucky & what can you do to make things start to feel better. What's thoughts and emotions are draining your inner battery and what fills the tank with health and vitality? No analyzing, no judgement. Step Three: Practice resilience techniques to reduce stress, balance the nervous system naturally so we can start to prioritize your goals. Step Four: You'll identify your best strategies to get out of this mess. Step 5: You'll meet with me over 5 sessions. You will take small steps, and over 5 sessions you will be amazed how much you have already shifted your perspective. Your response to things begin to change. Things and people that may have once triggered you and may have caused major stress reactions like panic, anger, frustration, insomnia, taking things out on people and the shame and embarrassment that can happen as a result...are disappearing and fading away. Suddenly, you have more time to think before you speak or react to something. Suddenly you may be sleeping so much better. You may start to feel happier and have more energy. The thoughts and emotions and reactions that have drained you in the past, are now biting the dust in some distant land. I've never seen such great results so quickly in my clients. You can too. Find your inner calm. Studies show when parents are calm your children are happier and do better in school. Everybody wins...if a Roadrunner can do it than so can you! 5 session package program Individual sessions 1 hour each Any questions please use the contact form on the contact page

Contact Details


6401 Santa Monica Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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