Manage Stress Better+  Improve Sleep+ Find your Energy + Creativity

Life Coaching to sort it all out

Hypnosis + Yoga Nidra Therapies to access subconscious and unconscious states to create change

HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience™ program to build nervous system resilience




Get rid of stress & energy drains

Change the reactions + triggers that stress you

Learn to respond differently find clarity, recharge your inner battery,


HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience™ Program for energy self-regulation, dysregulation of the nervous system, hormonal imbalance, burnout, PTSD, anxiety, and nervous system health, better sleep, increased capacity for health and patience, and ability to bounce back

Yoga Nidra~ the Yoga meditation for relaxation , stress, anxiety, insomnia,

HeartMath~ feel your happiness, increase resilience, manage stressful reactions

Hypnosis~ WEIGHT & STRESS MANAGEMENT reprogram yourself +change it 

Be Better Now!

Every Sunday Wednesday Friday @ 7pm PT 8pm MT 9pm CT

or create your own group/date time

Group or private Yoga Nidra Sessions

Good for Sleep Stress PTSD + Vitality  



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Bring your stress, anxiety, trauma, panic, insomnia, pain and find peace and tranquility within 


HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience™ Program 

Yoga Nidra Therapies Pain Sleep Stress General Healing  

Hypnosis Stress + Weight Management 

Jeanne Long   USA

Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner

HeartMath® Certified Coach

Certified Transformational Life Coach

Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Licensed Buff Bones Instructor

American bone health peer educator

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