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  Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra - Wikipedia

Yoga nidra (Sanskrit: योग निद्रा) or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation. There is evidence that yoga nidra helps relieve stress. An ancient technique from India, it has now spread worldwide and is also being applied by the US Army to assist soldiers to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation as a therapeutic application for  


Meditation is by far the most powerful form of therapy,  because we learn how to still and silence the body, mind and emotions.

A few moments of inner quiet allow us to experience the delightful feeling essence of our own true nature.

Most of us do not  know how to even begin to relax without either taking prescription sleep medications or alcohol, recreational drugs or other things . Many people put on earbuds and bring a device to bed with them only to become more overdosed with Wi-Fi, blue light and electro magnetic and microwave energy bombardment.

What most of us need is just the chance to become still and experience the perfect serenity of inner peace and silence.

When the mind slows down the breath slows down the emotions slow down and we can experience  inner stillness. Yoga Nidra allows us to experience the moments of silence. Rather than seeing silence as a vacuum of sorts, learn to see it as a living flow.

It does not matter what  issues you have ie insomnia, anxiety, phobias, feeling drained, unfocused, stressed out, ptsd etc. Yoga Nidra provides the extremely rare opportunity to just become still and serene. In those moments of inner silence relief from the mind, emotions and even physical pain can be found. In fact, just a brief moment of Yoga Nidra is enough to recharge and revitalize the deepest levels of the psyche.


By remaining still and relaxed for  40mins to 60 minutes of time, the mind relearns how to release nervous tension.

When we move beyond the body, mind, and emotions while still awake we are left with only the experience of the inner self; the blissful state of oneness with all there is.

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Yoga Nidra for Sleep

It has been said that yoga Nidra helps you sleep more fully and deeply. One hour of yoga Nidra is like 2-4 hours of sleep

Yoga Nidra is a godsend for insomniacs! By practicing Yoga Nidra while in bed before falling asleep the brainwaves have a chance to relax in the alpha state before going on to theta state and finally delta. During normal sleep,  (sleep without yoga nidra) we go from beta waves straight to the delta, without the deep relaxing alpha waves in between. Just this short phase of alpha waves while falling asleep allows for much deeper and more rejuvenating rest, as well.

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